WOW what a nice set of lures!!!!! I received the box last night after work and could hardly wait to get the box home and open it up. What I found was the best set of lures i have ever seen! All arrived in great shape! Your packing was great, not a scratch was found. The T-Shirts were great! I hope to get the New shirt when they come out. I am extremely pleased with the service that I have received and the personal correspondence through the path of a set of custom lures.

Again John Thanks for the Great products!!

Kwajalein Atoll
Reel cowboys catch bigger fish!

The real fish head is what cought the fish!!!! 5 200lbs in two days!! we ran the real fish head on two lines and two Air brushed on the other two lines all were 14 inch. I would like to have 4 of the real fishhead in 14 inch, rigged and skirted with the blue with black stripes. I will get back with you next month and get some of the pearl.

I have attached A picture of one of the Marlen that we cought last weekend with the lure in its mouth! Thats the lure I would like to have X4.

Thanks again




Hi John,

I caught last Saturday a big « mama » (marlin) about 250 kg. Catch again with your bobee head lure on the long corner position near Moorea.

Thanks for the skirt but i made a stock the last time a travelled. I don’t need them.



This is a one year old Kona Fishhead Slant with 13" skirts.
Fisherman says it is the best lure he has ever owned!

Thanks John,
Got'em. Gotta show Joe these. He saw the Pics of the last ones you emailed me. All I gotta say is very nice!!! Now all I gotta do is get it out there and catch some fish. Oh and Joe caught a 130 lb ahi a couple of days ago on live bait. Porpoise school Ahi are kinda finicky so he caught this one at the buoy.
Thanks again!



Hey John,
cant thank you enough for sending me the Line guard , for your jigs. That is exactly the stuff I was looking for. Perfect O.D with a large inside Diameter to handle the larger mono leaders... I will go direct if I need more in the future, to save you the hassle. Thanks again for your troubles,, your one of a kind John. And your work is second to none. More later now I have to get rigging , for another trip soon for the longfins and stripers. Also the Channel Islands Billfish tournament this month.

Erik Selesky


Hey John,
I'm leaving in about 2 weeks. Just wanted to say thanks for an awesome product.
Mahalo and Tight Lines!

Chris Livingston


Aloha John,
My brother and I caught a 450LB (official 449.5 LB) Black Marlin yesterday on the Big fish head lure. We fought it for 5 hours and 15 minutes. Took the boat 26 miles off the coast. we hooked up about 1 mile of shore. It was a perfect hook-up and the rigging held together great.
I do not have any pictures yet but two of us had your tee shirts on and I got a few with your logo showing. I will send you some when I get them.
Thanks again and again.

ED Bonham



Hey, thanks for my order of the lures, they crushed the fish. They out perform all other lures. Here is my next order, mix and match as you see fit, you can do no wrong with your lures. Take care and keep up the good work.

Capt. James Easton


Hi John:
Well, I decided I want to order two 7” Fishhead Bullet lures, same color head and skirts as the last one you sold me. No rush to make or ship these out. Just let me know total cost with priority mail and I’ll send a check. Thanks again for prompt response, excellent service and kick-ass lures.


Oliver Weston Bordallo

Attorney at Law

Tamuning, GU


Got 'em! Definitely worth the wait. They look real good........and thanks for the skirts (and the shirt). I remember not too long ago when I was interested in different kine skirts come springtime :) You have the eye of an artist for sure. Can't wait to drag 'em around.


Dave Renner


Yesterday around 2:30 pm the crew landed a 94 pound ahi on one of your big bird jumper lures. The head was a dark almost black purple and two dark skirts with some glitter mixed in. I would like to mail the lure back to you and have you make six additional lures. Can do? Please e-mail me with your ok.


Scott Bergstrom


I just received the order of lure heads and they look fantastic. I'm anxious to try them out. Everyone I have talked too has said you make some of the finest lures.

Thanks Again.

Sincerely, Matt Brown

Kwajalein Marshall Islands


Hey Bird
Got them – they are beautiful. Now I get to look at them for 3 months before trying them out in Panama. Thanks so much – I can’t wait to drag them!

Larry Backman

Falmouth MA


Hello John,
Your lures were a resounding success, my friend is extremely happy and cannot stop talking about them, expect more orders from New Zealand!!
The first marlin for the season was caught here last week so hopefully more are on their way.

Keep Well



Thanks for these Lures . My brother received them & said they are by far the best lures he has. He hopes to catch some marlin before the season ends.

Thanks, Susan Duke , San Diego


Aloha and Hafa Adai John!

Fishing has been awesome. Your lures are the best. Got some nice pixs. I just need to figure out uploading to my comp. I will be ordering more lures for the upcoming International Fishing Derby. Thanks again.

Robert Suzuki
Saipan, MP


Hi John,

Yea......I got 'em! Very nice work. They look like 'da kine' fish killers. I'll be sure to get back to you this spring when I gear up for the next offshore season here. Thanks again.

best regards,

Dave Renner
Carpinteria, California

Hi John,

I received the lures and ran a couple yesterday morning. Very nice work. Thank you very much. If anyone asks where I got them, I'll refer them to you. If and when I catch anything special on one of them, I'll let you know.

Ron Tsubamoto

Kawajalin Island

Aloha Bird
I caught a Great fish, Last week I put a 140 pound Marlin in the boat and hooked up two others Got to watch them both jump they were in the 2 to 3 hundred pound class of fish. All three were on the slant bird fish heads ! So I have (that makes 4 Marlin in the boat and seven hook ups in the last two months) Caught fish 540lbs, 150lbs, 140lbs 135lbs all on that lure!

Hey check this brother and I caught this fish 29 May 2003 540 LBS Blue Marlin. Caught on the Bird Slanthead Kona you just tied up for me. It was just the two of us and it took one hour to land the fish (Bill Hooked) and 1/2 hour to get it in the boat both of us were exhausted by the end. We were using a cust 50 -80 lbs 5' rod and a Penn 12/0 reel it almost spooled the reel twice. Thank you for the great lure. Later Bra.

Ed Bonham Kwajalein Atoll


Well I got it the big fish I have been hunting, Caught this 150 lbs Blue Marlen on your Fishhead Slant Lure with a 14 inch skirt. It is the one you rigged for me about three weeks ago. These are the worlds best lures hands down.

ED Bonham

Kwajalein Atoll







I'm the Hawaiian in the picture. kailuabeach0321. You might recognize the boat. I like your lures, they seem to work the best. so now I have to add some to my collection. Slowly. We were using this same one that I am bidding on on ebay and it got broken off and lost with what I think was a big AHI. It screamed our pole straight down so fast the reel nested up and the line broke. Thanks my man.

Charter Captain Terry of Hawaiian Style Fishing, Who Runs only Hawaiiansealures for his Charter Customers!

They caught  all these fish 30 Mahi's, 16 Ono's and Two 90 lb Ahi on Birds Fishhead bullets! He had four of them out in the spread!


Hi, Many thanks the lures arrived today. Extremely pleased, can't wait to try them out.
New Zealand

Dear aloha bird,
Hai John , the packages arrived y'day in Holland - all fine and i was really surprised to see this nice craftsmanship. they really look great , even that i haven't caught any fish yet with the lures i will take them with me to every big-game holiday in the future ,  I will show & shout around in the Dutch big-game world and i am sure that others will be interested as well.
many thanks JP

Hi John,
Lures are great.  I am very happy. Customs grabbed them and I only got them out yesterday. I will buy another bundle after xmas for sure! Very good workmanship
Merry Xmas

Aloha John.
They look great! Thanks for the skirt too.... it make the tri happy.

hey bird
got the two lures they look sweet, and also got the skirts today they look good. Iam gonna save a little more money and buy certain colors and some of those skirts.
thanks alot bird

Hey John I received the lures today Mon. Wow nice line up... they're better than I expected ...Good size for me. I must say John your lures are about the nicest stuff I have seen in a while ! Keep up the good work ..Its an art you have , Ok just wanted to thank you again for the order. And thanks for working with me!
Now its time to go and raise some Ahi with these little gems. 5 hours to the trench ! 
Bent rods to all ,,,Big E

Hey the lure worked good. Look what we caught, a 27lbs. and a 11lbs. co-shibi.


Thomas Apilado, Richard Jr. and Richard Arruda Sr.

The Lure in his hand is the Perl-Scoop Face Shearwater!

Hi, I missed raising my bid I was selling a camper. I sell RVs, This time of year you don't pass your turn for anything. Your lure caught one of the weighable fish at this years Bisbee, AWSOME. The team that I fished and won the W.O.N. Los Cabos Jackpot Tuna Tournament 2003. #123 157.8 not a huge fish but worth 105,640.00. Anyway My father-inlaw is fishing at the end of Feb. . This lure looks like It could hookup with something that might put the hurt on him. Are you putting it up again or would you take the price it went off for if I buy 2. This one and the one with "your choice of heads. Let me know. Thanks , Mike

Hi guys,
Our season's just starting over here, but we picked up 4 bigeyes, 92 lbs to 136 lbs, last Saturday, all on Bird's scoopface lures. I'd been running two of them long rigger just in case a white marlin showed up when all of a sudden, they both got bit. We got both fish to the boat, trolled back over the area again, and doubled up again. This time one fish got off, but we got a fourth one an hour later. Not bad for an afternoon's work, eh? The best part of the trip was the 115" blue marlin that ate one of the '360' jetheads with the purple skirts Bird sent out. Good thing I put a 9/0 hook into it. It was stuck firmly in the upper jaw. Took us 1 1/2 hrs to get the fish boatside for a release. No idea where that came from or why it hit the smallest lure in the spread, but we ain't complaining.

Hafa Adai John
Sorry it took me a while but our computer is been down. I just want to tell you that we are very satisfied with the lures we bought from you. The lures you made are affordable but also very effective in the water, you're able to get the items to us in a short time and that is also very satisfying. I'll be sending some pictures soon. also will be ordering again, till I hear from you, thanks again.

Aloha John:
I just got back from the Bisbees 2-day offshore circuit tournament in Cabo San Lucas. It is a warm-up for the Bisbees Black & Blue. Anyhow, 41 teams competing over two days, only a total of 9 blue & black marlin caught with only 1 qualifier. I did catch one of the 9, just not the winner. It was a 250 lb blue that hit my Hawaiian Sealures Albatross lure in the Petrolero-like color on the long rigger. Thought you would be interested to hear that.
Larry Risen

As you can see the camera arrived late, half peeled skin but you sure can see a happy crew I am the one in the yellow shirt W. YOUR LURE IN MY RT. HAND, but my wife was the one that fought the fish and land it, she is a 2 times winner of the marlin light tackle tournament, overall men and women in PUERTO RICO, but this is her biggest BLUE EVER. THANKS A LOT FOR THIS HAPPY MOMENT WILL BE A LONG LASTING MEMORY.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I had never met nor talked to John Miner before until 1 week before the 2003 Mississippi Gulf Coast Billfish Classic.  I saw him and on the internet and called him up to see if he could make me a few new lures before the tournament started.  He wasn't real sure he could have them ready and shipped from Hawaii to Mississippi in time, but the 4 lures got to Biloxi before I did.  Not only did he go out of his way to get them to me on time, but they looked and pulled great even in 10-12 foot seas.  Fishing was slow, but 4 out of 5 fish we caught were all on his lures. 
M. Patrick - Mobile, Al.

To Hawaiiansealures.
When the Bite is slow you can always depend on these lures to get a fish in the Boat!
Charter Captain JD
open-sea charterfishing -  Hawaii

To Bird.
I tell ya, I've been in the Charter business over 25 years on Kauai with my business, Sport Fishing Kauai. I've fished years in Mexico and The Virgin Islands. Throughout these years I've accumulate hundreds of lures from the finest lure makers in the world! Certain lures in my collection, I consider my "old faithfuls" and I tell ya, little by little these Hawaiiansealures are taking the place of the old faithfuls! This April I caught the largest Strip Marlin in all my years of fishing on one of your lures! These lures are amazing! I also consider Hawaiiansealures tops on My List!
Sincerely, Captain Julian Chapa
If you have any questions or want to see these baits in action you can contact me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

or visit my website at


Hi there John.
Got some pics of yesterdays catch. Some caught on your lure. Total 21 Ono.  8 on the pencil fishhead and 2 on the fishhead bullet. When the fish were picky and biting only one at a time.... the pencil head was the only one hit.  Two even hit when the boat was stopped.  I ran your lure against a variety in the spread to test out if it made a difference. Yes it did.   I am a true believer in you lures


This Marlin was caught 6/26/03 on Birds new Marlin Magnet Lure and also part of the catch to win the 2003 Treasure Isle Marlin Tournament in the Bahamas! This Fish weight in at 403lbs an was the Largest fish caught in the first three days of the tournament! Two other Marlins were caught on the same Lure and released which combine enough Points to win the Whole Tournament! Thanks To Captain Ernie Stalling of the Aqua Mist!

Email your order to: