"Best part of the trip was the 115" blue marlin"

Hi guys,
Our season's just starting over here, but we picked up 4 bigeyes, 92 lbs to 136 lbs, last Saturday, all on Bird's scoopface lures. I'd been running two of them long rigger just in case a white marlin showed up when all of a sudden, they both got bit. We got both fish to the boat, trolled back over the area again, and doubled up again. This time one fish got off, but we got a fourth one an hour later. Not bad for an afternoon's work, eh? The best part of the trip was the 115" blue marlin that ate one of the '360' jetheads with the purple skirts Bird sent out. Good thing I put a 9/0 hook into it. It was stuck firmly in the upper jaw. Took us 1 1/2 hrs to get the fish boatside for a release. No idea where that came from or why it hit the smallest lure in the spread, but we ain't complaining.

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